About Us

Meet the Team

Dan Parke
Dan Parke is a successful investor and start-up entrepreneur. He began his first company in his early 20s and has been starting and running companies ever since. In the 1970s, he revolutionized the energy efficiency industry nationwide, and speaks frequently as an expert in energy savings. He works out of Glendora, California.

Max Carrey
Investor, internationally sought sales expert, and author. Participated as a board member during the turn-around of PF Changs, Outback Steakhouse and several other startups.

Marc Segal
Inventor of the REX stretcher, Los Angeles Fire Department Captain (Retired after 41 years).

Mark Jackson
Owner and Designer at Blue Dolphin Engineering. Developed the R-1 and accessories as well as other adaptive devices in the industry.

Bruce Bogel
Medical device engineer and manufacturer. Founder and President of Prime Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of adaptive mobile medical devices.