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Dan Parke
Managing Director
Since acquiring a majority interest in the company, Dan has focused on establishing relationships with beta customers to complete the RexONE research and development phase. Dan has led the proof of concept phase in preparation to take RexONE to market.
A native of Southern California, Dan founded Parke Industries, a company that was a pioneer in delivering high efficiency energy upgrades from basement to rooftop for companies including Fortune 500. The world’s largest energy equipment brands and utilities became customers and partners, prior to the sale of the business to a Fortune 500 company. A serial entrepreneur since age 20, Dan built and led a second national company from start-up to $100+ million in annual revenue. Dan maintains holdings in multiple companies he has built in a variety of industries.
Under Dan’s leadership, REX is bringing overdue, lifesaving, rescue–readiness to rescuers, buildings and places across the fast-expanding, first responder marketplace.
Linda Morin
Director, Product Development
Linda is responsible for leading RexONE product development completion. Linda has worked closely with beta customers to understand needs in each of the 14 markets currently using the RexONE. This understanding has been instrumental in development of the RexONE.
She continues to discover user insights and develop market intelligence. Linda actively participates in earthquake, flood, fire and active shooter drills and training sessions. Linda has provided expertise and assisted in many ways to prepare REX for distribution.
Linda is a FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the field of Emergency Management and Safety and Environmental Science. She has specialized in comprehensive emergency management programs including preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. Linda has managed and trained Emergency Operations Center (EOC) teams and field response personnel through the California Community College System for state-wide Emergency Response teams. Her experience in emergency operations and disaster management includes 1993 Laguna Beach Fire Storms, 2005 Chino Hills Earthquake, 2007 Southern California Firestorm, 2009 & 2013 Orange County Tsunami Activation, and the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic.
He has been an active paramedic for 39 years, currently serving as a paramedic and firefighter in San Joaquin County, California.
George “Jed” Holland
Manager, Regional Distribution Channel
Jed proactively manages relationships with eastern US Distribution Channels. Jed provides assistance and support in closing new revenue opportunities, training the Distributor’s sales organization and equipping the Channel with tools and knowledge they need to demonstrate, sell and support customers.
For 28 years Jed served two major consumer product companies in senior marketing, sales, strategic planning and operational leadership roles. Jed had P&L responsibility for a $200 million business unit of a worldwide industrial group, where he led a transformation of the business, resulting in unprecedented growth and profits. Four years with Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) in brand management ensures Jed consistently listens to and anticipates customer needs.
In 2014, Jed co-founded a company to provide supply chain consulting and wholesale distribution for breakthrough medical products.
Jed earned a B.A., Economics and an MBA from the University of Virginia.
Bruce Bogel
3rd Party Manufacturer
In 1984 Bruce co-founded Prime Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of adaptable, mobile medical devices sold worldwide. Bruce created the manufacturing process for REX and is the sole manufacturer at this time.
Lindy Joseph,
Investor & Management Advisor
For 28 years, Lindy was a co-builder of Bound Tree Medical, the most extensive U.S. direct distributor of full–line emergency medical equipment and supplies. As president, he led the international company to $150 million in sales and 18,000+ customers.
Lindy served the Hancock, New Hampshire Fire Department from 1981 to 2001, rising to ranks of Captain and Chief.
Marc Segal,
Co-inventor of the RexONE
From 1973 – 2015, Marc served the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) as a paramedic and Captain. For generations, the LAFD has been among the most esteemed fire departments in the world. Known for its innovations in fire suppression and EMS technologies and practices, the LAFD has been at the forefront of first responder enhancements. As a thought leader, Captain Segal was tasked by the LAFD to co-develop an EMS bicycle response system, a mass casualty response vehicle, and several other innovative programs.
Marc responded to a 911 call to assist a young man injured in a dense crowd with thousands of people. The man’s life was almost lost due to limitations of currently available patient rescue and transport tools. Marc vowed to develop a better system for rescuing and moving people during emergencies. Marc’s vision, compassion, persistence, and ingenuity birthed the RexONE Mobile Stretcher.
Mark Jackson,
Co-inventor of the RexONE
Mark co-developed a towable, collapsible, patient transport system which they protected with a U.S. Patent. In 2010 their revolutionary product won the prestigious EMS WORLD TOP INNOVATION AWARD.
Founder of Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering, Mark has invested the past 16 years helping clients transform dreams into reality. A graduate of the Mechanical Engineering School of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, Mark was involved in Cal Poly’s first Human Powered Vehicle Team tasked with creating the world’s fastest vehicle powered only by human power.
Before Blue Dolphin, for 17 years Mark was an engineer and manager, serving industries where he co-developed hydraulic axial piston pumps and actuators for the Space Shuttle, the Stealth Bomber and Boeing aircraft. He designed the first titanium alpha alloy wheelchair, the world’s first composite wheelchair, and developed one of the world’s bestselling aerobic fitness bikes.