Sand Tire Demonstration for Sand Rescue

Video Demonstration

Again we use small children, our own kids, to demonstrate how easy it is for a single rescuer to rapidly move a patient. This time, a five year old easily pulls the RexONE on the sand using the Sand Tires which attach to the Rex in 15 seconds and still supports 400lbs.

A lot of people ask us why we don’t publish video demonstrations of full-sized adults using the Rex instead of kids. First of all, that wouldn’t be as much fun as hauling your kids to the beach for the day. Second, I’ve done a lot of rescues around the world and done my time carrying litters on sand and over rough terrain or trying to move a large adult from the beach to an ambulance. In no case could any kid, or group of small adults, have done any significant work with the standard equipment we had at the time.

When I first started at Rex EMS, I watched a group of US Marines racing against a single Marine in a combat rescue scenario. The group had a plastic SKED litter, and raced against the Rex. The goal was to move to a patient 100 meters away, secure them in their respective stretcher, and move them back to safety. Before the group had the patient secured in their SKED, the single rescuer already had their patient back at the casualty collection point. Today at the beach, the lifeguards were pretty busy, but I would be willing to race my kids (5 and 7) against them in getting a patient from the surf line to the street, about 100 meters of dry sand. That’s rapid extraction.