Rescue at the Speed of Life®

Safely move more patients faster with the RexONE™ Rapid Extraction system. Developed by emergency responders for First Responders, the state-of-the-art RexONE™ is the fastest and safest patient extraction device available.

It can mean the difference between life and death in any emergency, especially tragic situations involving multiple patients.

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Active Shooter

Move casualties out at the Speed of Life, less hands on patients is more weapons on target.

Large Events

Respond quickly to multiple casualties, bringing critical gear in and patients out fast.

Beach Rescue

Effortlessly move patients across sand and rugged terrain with minimal effort.

Hospital Evacuation

One nurse can take a 400lb patient from the hospital bed to staging with virtually no risk of back injury.

HazMat Response

Isolate a patient and quickly move them to point of care with only a single responder at risk.

Wilderness Rescue

Move patients from remote areas with a narrow footprint and single responder instead of six.