The REX Story


The Need for Faster, Safer, Patient Movement Has Greatly Increased.

The world has Changed Dramatically. Global and urbanized terrorism, political upheaval, hate crime, massive social and entertainment events, natural and man-made disasters have brought attention to the challenges of being “Rescue-Ready”.
The 24/7 media attention leaves no margin of error in what is perceived as acceptable response time. The need for a safer and quicker means to transport the injured while protecting the responders from injuries is long overdue. Rex EMS has a bold and clear vision for first responder rescue modernization.

Product Overview

The Rex Mobile Stretchers are a multi-functional, collapsible, all terrain stretcher designed to move the injured over varied terrain and conditions, faster and easier than ever before.

From inception, REX has been committed to exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing. The lives of the injured, and health and safety of the responder, are secured by the quality and reliability of Rex Mobile Stretcher systems.

The RexONE and the RexDCS are nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance free. The interchangeable tire systems can quickly be changed out to provide the ability to rapidly move across a variety of surfaces and terrains. The bi-fold frame quickly folds into an easy storage carrycase.

The RexONE’s ergonomic design adjusts into multiple positions accommodating the various physical or medical conditions responders must confront. The combination of centered balanced wheels and telescoping pull handle allows a single responder 360°maneuverability and agility to quickly move a patient to safety.

The RexONE and RexDCS frames consists of a patented, tri-panel system: Head Panel, Center Panel and Foot Panel. Each panel is framed by tubular T-6 aircraft aluminum and welded support panels with circular vents to provide increased structural strength while maintaining a lightweight and sleek profile.

Articulating high-strength steel hinge joints connect the three panels which allows them to adjust to multiple transport positions. These transport positions can quickly be changed by a simple pull of the Red Release Cables located between both the Head Panel and Foot Panels.

The Head Kickstand and Foot Kickstand can be extended to transform the RexONE and RexDCS into a patient treatment cot and quickly fold under the head or foot panels allowing it to be deployed as a mobile stretcher. The telescoping pull handle folds under the foot panel can quickly be released and locked in position for use.

The protective wheel fenders protect patients from contact with the tires and prevent road debris from shooting off tires. The color-coded Velcro fender tabs allow responders to quickly match left and right wheel fenders to the correct frame side during the need for a quick assembly.

Additional accessories are available to enhance the functionality of the REX systems and take the REX from an emergency only use to a system that can be incorporated into any agencies daily functions.